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Stranger in a Strange Land

I find myself in a place I don't think I've ever been before. As a writer that is.

I tend to be a one idea at a time kind of girl, and that one idea is generally a novel, not a short story, idea. So I work on it for a year or five, and when the novel is done, I sit around terrified for a few months, thinking 'that's it, no more writing from me' until a new story idea comes along and I work on that one for another few years. This, of course, did not serve me particularly well when I attended Odyssey Writing Workshop when I had to write a new story pretty much every week for six weeks. Everyone else was talking about their idea files and I had no clue what that was. I've come to accept this about myself as a writer. I'm a one novel at a time girl, when the novel is done, eventually another one will come along. It's fine, saves me a lot of story distraction.

So now that I have about five story ideas, three of those short stories, one is at least a novella if not a full-blown novel, an epic series, in addition to the other rough draft I had begun last winter which I want to sit down and outline, I don't know what to do with myself. They're all calling to me at once, pulling me every which way, except to the keyboard or pen and paper. Notes have been made for each one, so they'll all get their time, it is simply a strange place for me to be in. 

And I'll be honest. I kind of don't like it.

But then again, maybe it is something I need to get used to, like I had to accept being a one idea girl.
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