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An incredible shift on the writing path

 Well, these last several months have proven to be incredibly interesting and life-changing. My writing journey has changed in a big way. And so, rather than simply documenting here how many words I wrote or how many pages I've edited, etc. I thought I would add to it the new adventure. 

At the end of May, i attended Phoenix ComicCon where I met agent Cherry Weiner of the Cherry Weiner literary agency. I won't tell you the whole story here, though I will say that it was a whirlwind. By the end of the weekend, she offered to represent me.

I signed the contract on June 15, 2011.
This is a phenomenally exciting step forward.
Cherry agreed to represent me after reading my manuscript for "Mabel the Lovelorn Dwarf.". I don't know if this has ever happened, but after signing the contract with Cherry, we had a wonderful discussion and came to a mutual agreement, that "Mabel" would need to be put in the drawer. 
Thankfully I had followed the advice of countless people. While "Mabel" was on submission to agents, I wrote another novel. It is also fantasy, but is very different from "Mabel".
While I could send the manuscript to Cherry as it is, I wanted to give it another read over and give it another round or two of edits. I've completed the first pass of edits, and I'm glad I'm taking the time. W.hat is written is good, but there are a lot of little ways I can add to it. 
My job for the next few weeks is to give the manuscript another two or three passes, try and work out as many glitches and  clean up as many typos, before I send it to Cherry at the end of the month.
So as I venture on this new part of my journey, I hope to add in news of the process with my agent.
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