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Did I really just do that?

Pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. I've been doing that a lot lately, in a lot of areas in my life. And I've just found another way to push it in my writing. Yep. I believe the last time I said I was venturing into new territory with my writing was when I said I had multiple story ideas going on in my head. And now, I have just outlined a novel! I've tried it before, and after I've outlined the first half, I toss it all aside and don't bother working on it. This time, it's different. Why? OK, well, I've started calling my first-drafts just a really detailed outline, but now I had to come up with a synopsis for a book I haven't written yet. Book 2 in the trilogy. I sort of knew what I want to happen, so I will call this synopsis a very basic outline! Yay me! And now I get to do another very basic outline for book 3! The synopsis is general enough that I have a lot of room to move in the story, but I have the basic character and conflict arcs, and it will help to keep track and tie it all up in book 3.

I must say, I love discovering how much I enjoy parts of the process of writing I never thought I could like. It reminds me of my second year at Seton Hill University when my mentor challenged me on my editing process. My first thought was that I can't do it, at all. And then I asked myself why I thought that, I hadn't tried it yet. I adore the editing process now. It is a completely different creature compared to the creative getting down the first draft. The editing is where I get to really work out the story and work on the craft of writing. And now the new challenge of writing a synopsis of something I haven't written yet, something I thought I couldn't do. But I gave it enough thought, and now I have a great working document.

The plan for starting book 2 then, is to begin the first draft on September 1, though to be hones, I just might start it a little sooner than that.

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