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Day 84

You shouldn't let me slack in my postings. No, I shouldn't let me slack in my postings. Still preparing for the workshop and doing critiques for TNEO (The Never Ending Odyssey) in July. I can't wait to go, one month and 2 days.  

I had a fantastic weekend this past weekend, doing another read-through of my novel, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, which means my last round of edits was quite thorough. I will do another one or two read-throughs, there are still a few spots I'm not happy with.

And the highlight of this past week: I work at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Arts, and the support staff goes on a retreat every year, a one day thing for a bit of professional development and mostly just to have a good time. This year, hatchet tossing was a part of the day's activities, and so I figured this was a perfect research opportunity for technique, and I did channel "Mabel the Lovelorn Dwarf" and her axe throwing prowess. It worked. I won the toss off. Proof? Sure. Here are some pics.