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Tossed Salad of News

Once again it is Free Fiction Friday at my website: www.dwarvenamazon.com. Please stop by, enjoy the newest short story, and pass it on to your friends. Next week, if I can pry it out of her hands, I want to post some of Mabel's fan fiction.

In some very exciting, though belated, news, Pearl North's book Librynth is out, and finally in my local Chapters Bookstore. Pearl North, a.k.a. Anne Harris, was my most amazingly awesome mentor at Seton Hill University.

Today, July 17, marks the last day of this year's Odyssey Writing Workshop. So congratulations to all the Odyssey students. You made it! And welcome to the Odfellows. Enjoy the graduation tonight, and the alumni mixer.

Today being the end of Odyssey, means it is the beginning of The Never Ending Odyssey, which, once again, I am unable to attend. I wish I was there to see all my friends again, and meet new friends, oh, yes, and learn more about writing and improving the craft. Fingers crossed, I will be able to get there next year.

On a purely indulgent note, I took my 11 year old niece to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The first movie came out when she was a toddler and as the 'cool' auntie, I always wanted to be able to take her to see one of the movies. For a while I thought it would never happen due to parental restrictions, but as happens when kids go to school and everyone is talking about the movies and the books, Harry Potter was allowed. It was kind of special, then, to be there with her for the movie.

While  my niece and I waited to get into the movie, we were talking about Twilight, because the New Moon poster was up and she wants to see it. I told her that as a writer I wanted to know what made Edward such an appealing character. Her response: He's a vampire, he's strong, fast, can fly and climb trees. He's cute. So I asked her if she thought it was at all creepy that he was 100 years old and stalking Bella. Her response: Nope. So I asked her, what if a guy twice as old as Grandpa were to do those things. Her response: Well then yes it would be, unless he looked like Edward. So there you go: Cute Boy trumps Creepy.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Updates long overdue

What I'm most proud of since my last update here, is that I've been writing or editing my novel six days a week, without fail, and without much effort.  That feels good.  Like I'm accomplishing something.  I've send the first chapter to the Manitoba Arts Council in hopes that I'll get a bursary for studying, I've sent the first two chapters and a synopsis to a contest from which I will hear back near the end of August, and after re-writing the first 3 chapters and a synopsis for project approval, I've just finished the first round of revisions on that.  And, I've been working on the re-writes and edits of the next few chapters for my next deadline which is July 25.

Mabel, the novel, is really starting to take shape.  Now if I can just get on paper what is in my head, I think it could be an excellent story.  Hopefully by the time I'm done with my M.A. not too much will have been lost in translation.   It helps to be working on the novel every day.  It keeps me in the moment, and thinking about the story and the characters.  

I was talking with a co-worker of mine earlier today and apparently there is a petition readers are sending to J.K. Rowling to keep writing in the Harry Potter world after the series ends.  There could be so much to work with.  That does beg the question faced by a lot writers:  How long do you keep writing in a particular world?  At the moment, I think I could write a few books with Mabel.  She's grown so much in depth and character, and it helps that I've changed the place where this first book is going to end which could lead itself to future novels.  I'm getting ahead of myself here.  What I'm just saying is that I love Mabel, and I could see myself writing her for a while after this one is done.

So how was the June Residency, you ask?  It was fantastic.  I can see where the second residency is hands down the least stressful.  Why?  Because I knew most everyone, I knew my way around mostly, I knew my mentor.  I did have some stress going into it though, with having started the process for project approval before the residency, which apparently not many other 2's had started, and may not have mentioned it in their mentor meetings.  But as I was rewriting the chapters for the bursary app and the contest, I was fine with getting that started.  The deadlines matched with my timeline.

My Books To Read shelf has now expanded into two full shelves totalling about 80 books, not counting the 25 or so I had read between January and the June Residency.  I had divided the books into books I need to read while in the program, and the ones I'll read after I graduate.  That still means I have about 40 books I want to read before January.  However, if I don't get all of them read, I won't be too disappointed.  I've accepted that if I'm reading, I'm not writing.  So I've got my set time to write, and my set time to read.  As I'm a slow reader, I have to accept that some books will just take me longer to read.

While I'm discovering some fabulous authors --  Tom Holt, Jim C. Hines, Charles Coleman Finlay to name a few -- I'm doing my best to limit any further purchases, at least until September.  Hopefully by then I'll have my bookshelf dwindled by a couple to make room.

All exceptions are made for Harry Potter 7, naturally.