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Day 11

My Wii is totally addictive. I can't stop playing. So much fun. Now I'm going to like going to work even less. I've had to make the play a reward for getting things done, like if I get up and do morning pages, I get to play. I edit my page count for the day, I get to play. I write my words for the day, I get to play. And sometimes I need a break, so I get to play. Even when I had a gym membership and had to do weights my arms never got this much of a workout. It's fabulous. And yes, I did get my writing and editing in. I've kept the headache monster at bay today, though he threatened a few times, and is threatening again. I must get some sleep.


Morning pages written
1000 words written
12 pages edited.

And, if I can figure this out, here are some pics of my shoes!

Here's the top of them, taken oh so beautifully by me in my dining room.

The top view of my shoes

And the side view. Yes, they actually are ankle boots, but, whatever. And my right foot looks twisted, but I swear it's not. It's just hard taking pictures of your own feet.

The top view of my bootsThe side view of my shoes 

Day 8

 I'm finally one of the cool kids! I had a bit of an artists date tonight, did a bit of shopping, bought a cute pare of red shoes (and I'm not really a shoe person, but they are very cute and fun) and then on my way home from coffee with a writer friend, I stopped in at Future Shop and they actually had a few Nintendo Wii systems, which I've been looking for for ages, so I finally bought one. I'm going to set it up tomorrow and play a little bit! Yay!

The writers date and coffee took a bit of time out of my regular evening editing schedule, but sometimes it's just necessary to get out of the house and see people and buy cute shoes. But that's not to say I didn't get in any writing and editing, because I most certainly did.

Morning pages - written
1000 words - written
4 pages - edited.

Have yourselves and awesome night!